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Juventus F.C. - Managerial history

Below is a list of Juventus managers from 1923 when the Agnelli family took over and the club become more structured and organized, until the present day.

Name Nationality Years
Jenő Károly Flag of Hungary 1923–1926
József Viola Flag of Hungary 1926(int.)
József Viola Flag of Hungary 1926–1928
George Aitken Flag of Scotland 1928–1930
Carlo Carcano Flag of Italy 1930–1935
Carlo Bigatto Iº
Benedetto Gola
Flag of Italy
Flag of Italy
Virginio Rosetta Flag of Italy 1935–1939
Umberto Caligaris Flag of Italy 1939–1941
Federico Munerati Flag of Italy 1941(int.)
Giovanni Ferrari Flag of Italy 1941-1942
Luis Monti Flag of Argentina / Flag of Italy 1942(int.)
Felice Placido Borel IIº Flag of Italy 1942–1946
Renato Cesarini Flag of Italy 1946–1948
William Chalmers Flag of Scotland 1948–1949
Jesse Carver Flag of England 1949–1951
Luigi Bertolini Flag of Italy 1951(int.)
György Sárosi Flag of Hungary 1951–1953
Aldo Olivieri Flag of Italy 1953–1955
Sandro Puppo Flag of Italy 1955–1957
Ljubiša Broćić Flag of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1957–1959
Teobaldo Depetrini Flag of Italy 1959(int.)
Renato Cesarini Flag of Italy 1959–1961
Carlo Parola Flag of Italy 1961(int.)
Name Nationality Years
Gunnar Gren
Július Korostelev
Flag of Sweden
Flag of Czechoslovakia
Carlo Parola Flag of Italy 1961–1962
Paulo Lima Amaral Flag of Brazil 1962–1964
Eraldo Monzeglio Flag of Italy 1964(int.)
Heriberto Herrera Flag of Paraguay 1964–1969
Lùis Carniglia Flag of Argentina 1969–1970
Ercole Rabitti Flag of Italy 1970(int.)
Armando Picchi Flag of Italy 1970–1971
Čestmír Vycpálek Flag of the Czech Republic 1971–1974
Carlo Parola Flag of Italy 1974–1976
Giovanni Trapattoni Flag of Italy 1976–1986
Rino Marchesi Flag of Italy 1986–1988
Dino Zoff Flag of Italy 1988–1990
Luigi Maifredi Flag of Italy 1990–1991
Giovanni Trapattoni Flag of Italy 1991–1994
Marcello Lippi Flag of Italy 1994–1999
Carlo Ancelotti Flag of Italy 1999–2001
Marcello Lippi Flag of Italy 2001–2004
Fabio Capello Flag of Italy 2004–2006
Didier Deschamps Flag of France 2006–2007
Giancarlo Corradini Flag of Italy 2007(int.)
Claudio Ranieri Flag of Italy 2007–present

(int.) Managers on interim charge.
Nationality is indicated by the corresponding FIFA country code(s).

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