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Juventus F.C. - Supporters and rivalries

Juventus supporters during a match.

Juventus is the most well supported football club in Italy with over 12 million fans (32.5% of Italian football fans), according to an August 2008 research by Italian newspaper La Repubblica, as well as one of the most supported football clubs in the world, with approximately 170 million supporters (43 million of them in Europe alone), particularly in the Mediterranean countries, to which a large among of Italian diaspora have emigrated. The Old Lady has fan clubs all over the world outside the country, from places as far apart as Canada,[42] United States, Malta, San Marino, England, Iran, Greece, Israel, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Uruguay and many more.

Despite this strong support, attendances at Juventus home matches average about 22,000, much less than many other highly renowned European teams. Contrastingly, demand for Juventus tickets in occasional home games held away from Turin is high; suggesting that Juventus have stronger support in other parts of the country. Juve is widely and especially popular throughout mainland Southern Italy and Sicily, leading the team to have one of the largest followings in its away matches, more than in Turin itself.

Juventus ultras have good relationships with Piacenza, ADO Den Haag and Legia Warsaw fans and have several rivalries, three of which are highly significant. The first is with local club Torino, they compete in the Derby della Mole (Derby of Torino) together; this rivalry dates back to 1906 when Torino was founded by former Juve members. The other most significant rivalry is with Internazionale; matches between Juventus and Inter are referred to as the Derby d'Italia (Derby of Italy). Up until the 2006 Serie A match-fixing scandal, which saw Juventus relegated, the two were the only Italian clubs to have never played below Serie A. Notably the two sides are the first and the second most supported clubs in Italy and the rivalry has intensified since the later part of the 1990s; reaching its highest levels ever post-Calciopoli, with the return of Juventus to Serie A. They also have rivalries with AS Roma and ACF Fiorentina.

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  1. Juventus only have crowds averaging 22,000 because they are currently ground sharing with Torino, where capacity is limited. They used to get well over 50,000 in their old stadium and should do when they eventually move to the new one.


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